Monitor your business in real time

Get notified of important information instantly on your phone.


Program Features

This program is for business owners or managers who want to monitor their businesses from the phone.

Notification in real time

The purpose of the program is to notify for events directly at the moment they occur.

Sales invoices

Notifies you for all Sales invoices.

Daily sales

Notifies you on all daily sales at the end of the day.

Daily and monthly turnover

Displays the daily turn of the moment and the monthly lap.


Notifies for visitors when they enter the business and the total number of daily and monthly visitors.

Lacks of articles

Notifies you of missing items when a customer requests it.

Sold items

At the end of the day comes a summary notice of items sold throughout the day.

About us is a 2RMLAB.COM project.

Managing and monitoring events when they occur is a great advantage to your business.

For this reason, our team based on the experience of several years developed this solution.

Our staff is profiled in products that are related to financial programs or management programs.


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Why this program?

Why this program?

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